Book Club Start – Cut Her Out in Little Stars

Cut Her Out in Little Stars is by indie author Daniele Kasper, and it is available as a Kindle Ebook (purchase and download here).

Daniele lives in Central Michigan and is married to a horse trainer. According to her bio, she’s lived quite the traveling life; a part of me is so jealous. You can read more about Daniele here.

From the book blurb: A woman lost in time. A star system on the brink of war. A man haunted by past sins. Traitors lurk in the shadows while secrets threaten to put everyone’s life in danger in the cold depths of space. Can a woman trapped in a strange new future be the one to save them or will be she the spark that ignites the war?

I will admit, I’ve already started reading this book, so if you want to read along with me, I’ll wait to post my thoughts until next Saturday (May 29). I thought I’d just gotten the book for this “book club read-along” thing I’m trying to do, but it was part of a book swap, so I need to catch up and write a review.

Anyway – happy reading!

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