Cover Up

So, how do you get a book cover for your self-published book?  There is no single answer to this question (for a good answer, check out Go Publish Yourself at and other writer/bloggers have written about their experiences.  (Check out this tale of the e-book cover over at On Becoming a Writer.)

Under my pen name T. L. Frye, I needed both an e-book and print book cover for my young adult dragon fantasy, The Secret of Magik and Dragons.  Using contacts on Facebook, I was recommended Phycel Designs’ ( Rene, who did a great (and quick) design for my cover, offering me several options.  I chose one to work with her on, and we finalized it in no time.  Here is the finished (and published) cover:


The package, at quite a reasonable price, included this cover (with back) for the print edition, a front cover only (of appropriate size) for the e-book, 2 banners (one coming soon and one published) for my Facebook page, as well as a 3-D version for other marketing venues.

The company also offers premade covers (with limited customization, plus title and author) for a great price, and has design packages that include bookmarks.

Rene isn’t the only designer that offers cover design.

Here are some others that offer cover design packages and premade covers.  Check them all out before you make a decision; prices and packages vary.  Also consider that some designers have a better affinity with fantasy, or sci-fi, or romance, than others, so one may be better than another for your book. (My personal, top recommendation) and the Facebook page:

Here are some others to check out.  Caveat – I have not done business with any of these designers.  I just happened to discover their covers, and liked them, while researching for this post.

Getting Started

Let me introduce myself.

I’m a writer.  I write under a couple of different pen names, but this one is new (and real.)

I write young adult, contemporary fiction.  Mostly girls will like what I write, in my opinion, but who knows?  It’s not all romance.  There will be danger and weeping and maybe even gnashing of teeth.

So please stay tuned.  I’ll share some of my creative attempts here, welcoming your comments and feedback.  Let me know if its real to you, or totally off the wall.  Is it exciting enough, or too tame for words?

It might not just be prose.  I dabble in poetry, usually when I’m pissed off.  And I like to take photos, usually when I’m deeply moved by something in nature. 

And I may even let my teenage daughter guest blog, but I’ll let you know if I do that (I don’t want you to think I’ve got too many different personalities.)

I hope we’ll have fun.