Stardust Anthology

(This has been sitting in draft for a while and I thought I’d published it when the anthology published. Oops. So here it is now.)

I had a short story (a longish one) published in an Indie Style Press anthology, Stardust: A Futuristic Romance Collection.

I wrote it quickly, not thinking too hard about the characters or the setting (it was futuristic ), and pushed through to the end.  Though I admit, the characters were already there, telling me their story.  It was while I was convalescing after surgery, so maybe it was the percoset [sp?] talking.

Anyway, I then went back in and heavily edited it, struggling a bit to get it below the word count.  It was a birthday/Christmas present when they announced my story was chosen for the anthology. Indie Style Press (Renee and Cynthia) are great to work with, and you need to check out their websites, too:

Cynthia is an editor:

Renee is a graphic artist (and writer) who creates websites, logos and book covers:

Anyway, you can find my story (What Happens on Destiny 2…) and a bunch of other great stories in the anthology in e-book and paper back from Amazon: