Catch Up

So, this is awkward. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Lots of things have been happening, like a short story  published in an anthology (under my pen name E. G. Gaddess, in Airships and Automatons), and another short story (as Tara Moeller) accepted for another and that should be published soon (more details to follow).

I’ve also had a manuscript accepted by White Cat Publications, the publisher that put out Airships and Automatons, and that is really exciting. (Validation!)  We’re aiming at April 2017 for publication.

So. I’ve been busy.

But I still should have been here, at least part of the time.

And I feel bad about that.

So I want to think, er, write, a little about why that is.  That I feel bad about not being here when so much has been going on elsewhere.

Maybe I shouldn’t feel bad, but I think I’m supposed to. After all, this blog was a commitment to write every week. About something.  Maybe a poem or a short story, or just something about how my writing has been going.

See, my daily writing went by-the-by, too, because I now have a 6 hours round trip commute between my family and my work.  When I took this new job, I didn’t think that would be so bad. I’d have no distractions during the weeknight so I could write (um, didn’t exactly happen that way) and my husband figured he could get into his garage every evening (um, that didn’t work out either).

That time in my car is EXHAUSTING!  Really.  And it’s sliding into my writing. Those two days I commute, I don’t get to write. And that affects the other days when I can – or at least have the time. I’m a bit out of my groove, so to speak, or write.

And I have other projects to share; exciting ones, that will have to wait for me tell you about them.

But I will. I promise.