And now back to my writing…

[I’ve been distracted of late.  Working on other things.  So, here is a hint of something I’ve been working on – the prologue to a novella called Sacrifice.]



In ancient days, a boat set out, drifting in the currents, the people onboard searching for a new land on which to live.

This boat, guided by wind and wave, came to rest upon an island in the middle of the sea.  This island had been created by the god Firon in a fit of anger when he spewed fire and ash into the air.  His sister-goddess, Luan, cooled his anger with her waters, and the fire and ash cooled to rock.

Airon, brother-god to Firon, let the wind whip the island, crushing the rock to sand and soil, and sent seeds upon the breeze to find a home.

Gaian, the sister-goddess and youngest of the four, sent the warmth of summer to the island, letting the seeds take root and flourish, and the island turned green and lush.

Luan brought the tides to the sandy shores, and fish came to live in the lagoons and inlets.  The fish brought birds that lived in the trees, and the birds kept the seeds spread from one end of the island to the other.

And the people thought they had found their new land, and built homes and boats and prospered on the islands shores and in its fields.

But Firon was possessive of his island, and spewed fire into the air once more, destroying the houses and crops, and the people suffered, wishing they had not chosen this island as their home.

Luan cooled the flames and the people rebuilt, but Firon had reminded them of his power, and the people knew they had to thank him for his hospitality, offering him a gift every year in the hopes that he would not destroy their home ever again.