A (cautionary) Tale of Two (maybe more) Ice Creams

I like ice cream. I’m not sure I can say EVERYONE likes ice cream, but a vast majority of us do. And for those of us who do, we usually have a favorite. Mine is vanilla — I like it plain, but I also like that I can add other flavors to it.

Now, I have a particular style (natural creamy) that I like best, as well a a favorite brand (Tillamook — I like their cheese, too).

Now, I would not say that I am a brand freak, but there are some things that I am brand loyal to, and for different reasons (Tide laundry detergent is one, because it is the only only I KNOW I will not have a skin reaction to). Tillamook creamy vanilla ice cream is one of them.

The hubby has his own items he is brand loyal to, but ice cream is not one of them. And for some strange reason, during this time of self-isolation, he has been buying ice cream on his way home from running errands. I know he thinks he;s being kind, providing me a comfort food. I mean, he’s been buying creamy vanilla — because it’s what I like and I know his favorite is strawberry or black cherry if he can find it — but in every brand but Tillamook. (Hubby quote ~ Do you know how expensive that is?)

Yes, yes I do. And it is worth every penny.

If there anything you buy brand name that you think is worth the extra cost?

Maverick Heart – by Pamela K. Kinney

Yes, I read this novella – I had to since I edited and published it. But honestly, it was a struggle to edit as I wanted to just read. The image above is a bit misleading – it is a novella, so it’s thinner than that – but sometimes one is stuck with what one has to work with to make an image.

The author, Pamela K. Kinney, is obviously a Star Trek fan, and her love of the series (and horror!) is evident throughout. As a bit of a Trekkie myself, I thoroughly enjoyed that aspect of the story. The trend toward horror was good, too; there is nothing gory in here, just good old-fashioned scare tactics. It was enough to get my heart pumping.

And though the author didn’t write it with romance in mind, there is a possible romantic b-story arc for those inclined to shipping.

Interested? It’s available as a digital download from the publisher (um, yes, that would be me) for only $1.99. But at DreamPunk Press, most of that will go to Pam.


Just Another Thursday…and Cabin Fever has Hit

During this time of self-isolation and social-distancing here in Virginia (I’m finishing week 9), this household just hit 8 weeks of three adults teleworking together. And today, the day before the end of week 8, tempers burst.

The hubby is the most social of all three of us, and I’m not surprised that he cracked first. He got on everyone else’s case about a stack of items in the entry that had been designated for donation just before the self-isolation due to COVID-19 hit.

There was yelling.

And I screamed back (shrill, voice cracking, the whole bit) reminding him that there is nowhere to take them.

I was surprised by my outburst – but I also understand it. I work as an editor, and I work best in quiet. I had a priority job to do, and his yelling was not conducive to me working. I’ve been feeling a bit of stress, not just about the regular work, but a couple of freelance edit jobs that I’m juggling right now, too. Yes, everyone is in self-isolation and at home, but I still have 8 hours of work to do to get my paycheck. (I haven’t made home-made sourdough bread, yet, or started a new hobby; I’ve just been trying to keep up with the old ones.)

The good thing is that once I screamed, he (and the just-an-adult kid) stopped yelling at each other. I think they both realized that I was not in the mood to put up with their Virgo BS this morning.

Hubby is chomping at the bit to go back to work. While he’s been social-distancing, he hasn’t exactly been in full self-isolation. He’s been helping a friend do some work on their house, and while it’s just the two of them, and hubby wears a mask, etc., this friend thinks the whole COVID-19 pandemic is a hoax.


Yeah. he’s one of those friends. And every evening, when my hubby gets back from helping, the kid and I get an earful of frustration of just how misled this friend is. In fact, some extra frustration from last evening might have contributed to the outburst this morning.

Anyway, its good to remember that the temper flares and sniping happening now, aren’t going to last forever. Eventually, it will pass, along with the self-isolation and extreme social-distancing. Take deep calming breaths (altho’, those two were laughing and giggling at stuff only 5 minutes after the outburst); I needed longer to calm down.

But I did. Eventually. Mainly when I finished the edit job and could take a break from paycheck work.

And also remember, that while this is a time to be productive if you can, productivity isn’t a requirement. Sometimes, it’s enough just to get the job done, and not worry about the extra stuff.

So–Happy Thursday everyone. Let’s hope that’s a light at the end of the tunnel and not a firefly headed our way looking for the other end.