Fortune Cookie Analysis

Have you even opened your fortune cookie, read the little slip of paper inside, and thought “wtf?”

Me, too.

I’ve also explained many to my kid (who is now 25!) I just finished doing so, and thought, why not share my analysis?

So the fortune is: Praise a fine day at night.

When I read it out loud, the kid gave me a side eye and asked “what does that mean?”

I think it means that at the end of an effort, you should thank those who helped you out. Or recognize a good job when it is done.

And not when you ask for it to be done again. That will only sound like a butter-up ploy.

And I probably is.

But by praising a job well done when it is accomplished, it will sound sincere. And if you are recognizing it when you aren’t asking for something more, it probably is sincere.

What interpretation might you give to these words?