Book Club Start: A Timely Revolution by Tempie W. Wade

We’ve finished our first book, and if you need to make a comment on that one, visit yesterday’s post. I focused a bit on character, and we can keep discussing that first book while we read this one.

Our next Indie Book Read will be A Timely Revolution: Timely Revolution Series Book One by Tempie W. Wade. Let’s see if we can finish this book by Friday, Feb 5. From what I can tell, if you like romance and magic and history, this is one you won’t want to put down.

This book was the WINNER OF BEST HISTORICAL FANTASY OF 2019 in the American Book Fest American Fiction Awards.

Can’t wait to dig in and read. Should we focus on characters again? Comparing with our last read? Or focus on world-building?

Let me know in the comments if you have a preference. 🙂

Book Club Finish: Beliefs and Black Magics

Did you finish reading Travis I Sivart’s first book in the Portals series, Beliefs and Black Magics? I hope so, because there are some spoilers ahead.

I want to focus on #characters in this book.

My personal is The Kid (Jen). In our world, she is older, dying, but in this magical world she is young, spry, and can do magic. I think I found in The Kid a bit of whimsy that I can relate to: I am getting older (though not as old as Jen!) and sometimes wish for my younger self, but with my knowledge and wisdom intact. As The Kid, Jen gets to live that out.

Cover of Portals Book One: Beliefs and black Magics by Travis I Sivart

I find her characterization real. Her thoughts and emotions match those of an older woman who has lost and is ready to let go. It gives The Kid a hint of recklessness from Jen that matches what might have been The Kid’s own personality.

That the book has three characters from our world learning to experience a different, magical life in an alternate world, all with different backgrounds allows the reader to experience a wide range of emotion, from a character not sure they want to be in this world, to one reveling at their new strength and abilities.

The fantastical qualities of this alternate world are not short-changed by all that character work and development by the author. This world, in all its magical, and sometimes evil, glory, is as much a character as the three heroes. The villains are fleshed out, too, with backgrounds almost as tragic as the heroes.

What did you think of the hero characters in this book?

How about the villainous characters?

Do you have a favorite? Why are they your favorite?

Leave a comment letting everyone know.

And don’t forget to visit the book club page to join up so you can suggest books for us to read.

Book Club

Amazon’s latest venture is Book Clubs, and for some reason, I got early access? That’s what it said anyway. The platform will be opened up to everyone later this year. Anyway – I set up a book club today. If you want to join me, click here: DreamPunkers Book Club. You just need an Amazon account; I think that will change in the future.

I plan for the book club to read indie and small-press published sci-fi and fantasy books (I mean, that’s what I write, so…), but it isn’t just about my books. I know quite a few indie authors, and their books are just fantastic, so I want to read them, and why not read them with you?

When we’re done (I haven’t added any due dates yet, but I will as we get moving through the books) we can come back here and I’ll post my thoughts on the books and you can share yours, too.

The first book we’ll be reading is Portals Book 1: Beliefs and Black Magics by Travis I Sivart. The premise for this adult fantasy series is that folx from our world, when on the cusp of death, are transported to a fantasy world and into the body of someone who just died in this world. I think it’s a bit like D&D on steroids, but there is a continuing story line through the series. There are already three books in the series, and they link to other books the author has written, so if you like it, it looks like there will be more when we’re done.

When you join the book club, you can suggest books for us to read in the future, all I ask is that they be sci-fi or fantasy and indie or small press. If we get too many suggestions (like that would be such a horrible issue to have, right?) we’ll come here and take a poll to decide what to read next.