Maverick Heart – by Pamela K. Kinney

Yes, I read this novella – I had to since I edited and published it. But honestly, it was a struggle to edit as I wanted to just read. The image above is a bit misleading – it is a novella, so it’s thinner than that – but sometimes one is stuck with what one has to work with to make an image.

The author, Pamela K. Kinney, is obviously a Star Trek fan, and her love of the series (and horror!) is evident throughout. As a bit of a Trekkie myself, I thoroughly enjoyed that aspect of the story. The trend toward horror was good, too; there is nothing gory in here, just good old-fashioned scare tactics. It was enough to get my heart pumping.

And though the author didn’t write it with romance in mind, there is a possible romantic b-story arc for those inclined to shipping.

Interested? It’s available as a digital download from the publisher (um, yes, that would be me) for only $1.99. But at DreamPunk Press, most of that will go to Pam.


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