The [Marketing] Struggle is Real

You write a book. You edit the book. You get someone else to edit the book. You get a cover for the book. You publish the book.

And a pandemic hits.

All your publishing plans for your [YA contemporary] book fade away. Your plans were in-person and for brick and mortar stores and libraries, since your last attempt at digital marketing for teens went bust.

But that’s really the only option you have left.

You’d read the articles. You’d researched what to do and how to reach your potential readers [and their wallets…um…parents]. You had a PLAN.

A plan that you can’t implement. Oh, you’re probably still good for libraries– if the librarians are able to do their jobs in a pandemic. But…

And now, you are scrambling. You publish the e-book version early, you make e-books [including a pdf in opendyslexic) to offer straight from your publisher’s web site [, of course], you even make activity pages [you can check those out here, if you’re interested] to try to help parents having to home school their kids all of a sudden.

And then you stumble onto a marketing opportunity, one that is free. You’ve done one before, for a different book, and you think it kind of worked before. Why not try it again?

So you upload your information, and with each glitch you try to figure out what went wrong [there is little direction on the site – I won’t name it and you’ll see why later] and eventually get it right.

You move on to the next step, and the next, making your author page and book page and even loading up a couple more books under another pen name you already had in their system. And there are more glitches.

And when you get ready to upload your files, you get an error [a 500 error to be precise] but nothing on the site tells you what it means. And you go to Google and do a search and find out its a server error. Probably the reason behind several of the other unexplained glitches you’ve experienced.

So all that work–better than two hours of inputting author data and double-checking your Pinterest (taramoe) and Instagram (@tara_moeller_69) and Facebook (/dreampunkpress or /taramoellerauthor) and Twitter (@taramoeller69) handles, and deciding which web site to send folx to, and…it’s all for naught.

You realize that you stumbled onto this opportunity late in the game–you only had until midnight to take advantage–and you sigh and shut down your computer and forget to make your blog post (you’ll get that one next week, LOL) and figure you’ll try again, only earlier than last minute [though you know in all likelihood, you’ll forget until then and do it all over that same way.

The struggle is real, folx. The struggle is real.

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