Watching Promare with the Kid

[And yes, I know it’s Thursday morning. This post should explain why I didn’t get it out last night.]

So, last evening, I watched the full-length anime movie, Promare, with my adult kid (check out their artistic endeavors over at Portfoli.Mo). They like anime and love this movie. I was supposed to go watch it with them when it was in theaters last September, but that didn’t work out.

First–the art in it is stunning, the colors used are just beautiful. Full. Bright. Just…I don’t know what other words to use as I am not an artist. I want to say saturated, but I’m not sure that’s right.

Second–all the characters have different body types. The females aren’t all busty and showing lots of skin; the males aren’t all muscular and manly looking. I love this. It represents real life better than some live-action movies in this aspect.

Third–the characters are…all different, too. They are all well-thought out and act consistent through-out the movie, unless the change in their action is due to character growth. Which happens, a lot. Which is good.

Last–the story line. Well, it’s sci-f, and since it is a full two hours long, it gets a little over-the-top in the end. But it is satisfying. It follows through on the over-the-topness with an ending that works.

While kids can watch this movie, be aware that there is death in it, and not just accidental. Mankind is being “human” and trying to wipe out what they consider a threat that they don’t understand, and aren’t bothering to try to understand. There are good guys and bad guys and truly evil people. But even the most evil character has a bit of a redemption arc. Not bad.

Look, it’s an anime, with all the tropes that come with most anime. But it’s well done. Just…be prepared for the ultimate idiotness of the main character. He’s consistent with it though, and (IMO) it stems from his truly good heart and desire to help others.

Bonus: There isn’t a romantic B-plot! I mean, it could. And there is s couple of instances where I thought it was going there…but it doesn’t. Which, really, is rather like real life, right?

I’m impressed. Kinda wish I hadn’t missed it in theaters. If you’re looking for something fun to watch during this self-isolation period, check it out.

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