I’ve been self-isolating for a month now. My work started maximum telework for all employees back in early March when a COVID-19 case hit a little close to the office. It’s nice to work for someone who does that: takes proactive action when something is on the horizon, rather than waiting to react after the fact.

All this isolation means that some folx have a lot more time on their hands. I have a lot more time–no more commuting to the job, which is actually a big deal for me.

It also means that some folx are now out of work and need a break. About the only thing I can offer is some short stories for free. So check out my history; there are some short stories already posted here, and I will post a few more.

You can also head over the and check out their digital downloads (we’re adding to the list as fast as we can). Any 99-cent download is free with the discount code ‘Isolation’, and you can use that as many times you want.

I have a couple of novellas already available for free with this discount,and I’m working on a few more, so check back often to see if there is something you like. Or sign up for DreamPunk Press’ monthly email newsletter, where they’ll be announcing new free novellas, and other discounts on digital merchandise. And follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter–we;ll be sharing from there, too.

Oh! And hey! It’s Wednesday–and I’m actually posting!

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