Newsletter Mailing Lists – revisited

So, hopefully you never saw my first post about the newsletter mailing list I was trying to set up and failing miserably at. I sent it to the trash because the embed code just wasn’t working. Then wrote a very short post about that as follow-up and apology for those folks who actually saw it.

My heartfelt and humble apology for that.

I still can’t get the embed code to work, but I was able to integrate the form into the Facebook page for DreamPunk Press, and I have a url that will take you to the sign up form (try it, here:

But the code is no go.

I’m not sure I need it — yet. I can always just provide the url link somewhere, like in a Facebook post, or embed that link in a button at the website so that it opens the sign up link.

But that code is really pissing me off. Probably not the fault of the mailing list site I’m using, or WordPress. They are likely just incompatible, or I’m copying it wrong.

Or it’s just the whole world is against me creating this mailing list in the first place.


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