Desolation of Fog

Been spending the last couple of weeks finalizing a novella (Desolation of Fog) and getting it published on Kindle. So, right now, it’s available on Amazon.  It’s only 99 cents, if you’re interested.   🙂  The story started as a weird dream that I had to get out on paper, then it morphed into a longer story.

Many thanks to The Cover Collection for the cover.  You need to check them out.  Great covers for a very reasonable price.

I’ve also been writing another short story, and should be sharing it here in a couple of days.  I’m struggling with whether there is enough description or not – but it’s more about the emotion than the setting, so I think one more reading and I’ll be done.  How much description do you need in a short story?  Especially one that has a contemporary setting?

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